Super Turbo SNG’s are a relatively new form of 9-man sit and go tournament that is rapidly increasing in popularity due to the fast pace action that the structure provides.

The majority of examples and strategy articles on will be geared towards the Full Tilt Poker super turbo structure, however there are a few other sites online that also run super turbo tournaments.

**Full Tilt Poker is now offline, but the strategy articles on this site are still mainly geared towards the Full Tilt Poker super turbo sng’s. That being said the strategy can still be adjusted and applied to either the Cake Poker or the Titan Poker super turbo sit and go’s.

Where to Play Super Turbo SNG’s
Carbon Poker – 100% up to $600 Bonus – Super Turbo Review
Cake Poker – 110% $600 Bonus – Super Turbo Review
Titan Poker – 100% $500 Bonus + $25 Free – Super Turbo Review
Super Turbo Sit and Go Structure
The blinds start at 15/30 and increase every three minutes.
All players begin with only 300 starting chips.
Payout structure is 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd and 20% for 3rd

This extremely fast paced structure causes many players to believe that super turbo sng’s are just lotteries and the outcome is completely placed on luck. This assumption is FALSE and it is this belief that allows super turbo sit and go’s to be so profitable for the players who understand the unique structure and know how to play them optimally.

Making a Profit Playing Super Turbo SNG’s
In fact up to about the $70 + $5 super turbo sit and go’s many of your opponents will be weak and you should be able to achieve an ROI of at about 10% by playing the tournaments properly. Combine this with the fact that you can play a huge amount of super turbo sit and go’s in an hour (I play about 40/hour) and earn rakeback and you can see how these tournaments can be so profitable for strong players.

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Super Turbo SNG Strategy
Super turbo sng strategy is very different than cash game or regular tournament strategy. Super turbo tournaments are all about late tournament strategy, but for the entire tournament. Most of your moves will be all-in or fold because the blinds are so high and you have so few chips. This means that you need to often decide if your equity is improved by pushing all-in or folding in certain situations. A great product to help you improve these decisions is SNG wizard.

This website is dedicated to improve your super turbo sng game. You will find all kinds of super turbo tips and strategy to improve your super turbo results.