This article will basically act as an introduction to super turbo strategy and a useful tool to get you thinking about how to successfully play a super turbo tournament. Once you have read this article, you can move on to the other more in depth articles on the various aspects of super turbo sit and go poker.

Super turbo sit and go’s are very fast paced with loads of action. The starting chip stacks are small and the blinds get high quickly. These unique characteristics make super turbo sit and go strategy very different from normal tournament strategy and completely different than cash game strategy. This article will look at five simple tips to improve your super turbo sit and go game and hopefully wet your appetite to read some of the more in depth articles that will likely make you a winning super turbo sng player.

Less than 10 Big Blinds Usually means Push or Fold

In the Full Tilt Poker super turbo’s you start with only 10 times as many chips as the big blind. In general this is the cut off to start playing push or fold poker. This means that if you or your opponent has less than 10 times the big blind in chips you should either be moving all-in or folding. This is because you don’t have enough chips to make plays and if you bet you’re basically committing your entire stack. In general this rule holds true in super turbo tournaments. If you have a strong hand you should move all-in and if you have a moderate hand you should usually be aggressive and push or cautious and fold. The majority of the time a player will call an all-in push just as likely as they would call a minimum raise. That being said there are times when making a minimum raise provides better equity.

Play tight in the Early Stages

In the early stages of the super turbo sit and go you should play tight and wait for a big hand. You may be surprised that optimal strategy and the sit and go wizard actually advise you to fold (A,Q) from early position in the early levels of the super turbo sit and go. Many players feel like they have to get their chips in quickly because the blinds are so high relative to their stacks, but the truth is that since there are so many players in the beginning of the tournament you actually have many hands before the blinds hit you, so you can be very selective at first. The number of players in itself is another reason it pays to be tight during the early stages. There are more hands you have to beat so your range should be smaller than it is when the field begins to shrink.

Increase your Pushing Range as Players Bust

As mentioned in the previous tip, you should increase your range as players bust from the tournament. This is because there are less hands yours must be better than and the blinds will begin to hit you more and more, as they also become increasingly large. Your range should get progressively larger from each position as players bust and the blinds increase.

Position is Key

Position is huge in super turbo sng’s. An instant fold hand from early position may be an all-in hand from middle position, and a fold from the button may be a push from the small blind. The better position you are in the more information you have about the hand and you should use this information to make the best decision possible. For example, if you are in the small blind with (9,10) and the table has folded around to you, you should almost always push against the big blind, especially in the late stages. Stealing blinds are extremely important in super turbo sng’s and you would often be surprised what SNG Wizard shows to be the optimal play with fairly garbage hands. Check out the full article on position for more information.

Understand Your Situation Near the Bubble

The hands when there are 4 or 5 players remaining are the most important in a super turbo sng. If you are a big stack you can often use these hands to build your stack and put you in a commanding position. For example, if there are 4 players remaining, you have a big stack, two players have moderate stacks and one player has a very short stack, you can often bully the two moderate stacks because they will fold everything except premium hands because they don’t want to be the bubble boy.

On the other hand if you are short stack during this time you should get aggressive. You should attack the moderate stacks and often attack the big stack. The worst thing you can do is allow yourself to be blinded out. You need to at least give yourself a fighting chance and let the cards decide your fate. You can read more about bubble play in the super turbo sit and go bubble article.