With Full Tilt Poker closed down, Cake Poker is the best online poker room for Americans looking to play super turbo sit and go’s. The Cake Poker super turbo sng’s are offered up to $1800 + $75, but you will usually only find games registering with buy-ins of $24 + $2 and below. The lowest buy-in super turbo tournaments you will find at Cake Poker are the $3 + $0.30 sng’s. Cake Poker’s super turbo’s run very similar to the super turbo’s found at Titan Poker.

Cake Poker Super Turbo SNG Structure

6-man tables
65% of prize pool to 1st place, 35% to 2nd place
1500 chips and 10/20 blinds to start
2 minute blind levels
Tournaments last approximately 30 minutes
The structure of the tournament is quite slow compared to most other “super turbo sit and go’s” you will find online. The fact that the blinds start at 10/20 means there is a lot of time before the tournament really takes off in the later stages. Also, because the sng’s are only 6-handed, 2 players get paid, but 2nd place gets a decent 35% of the prize pool, so it is very important that you finish in the top 2 of the Cake Poker super turbo tournaments.

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Compared to the Titan Poker super turbo sit and go’s, the Cake Poker super turbo’s last about twice as long. This is because the tournament structure is exactly the same, except that at Titan Poker the blinds rise every 1 minute, whereas at Cake the blinds increase every 2 minutes. With the blind structure at Cake there is a long early game stage, and a relatively short middle game stage. For this reason there is more play in the early stage and it is important that when the late stage comes around you at least have a large enough stack to implement that various strategies you will learn on this site.

Strategy Variations from Full Tilt Super Turbo Strategy

Play tight for the first 10 minutes, only getting involved with monster hands.
Play for a top 2 finish because 2nd place wins more than 1/3 of the prize pool.
Play extra fast and aggressive in the late stage because the blinds increase every 2 minutes, rather than every 3 so you have less time to make late game plays.

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Cake Poker is a great place to Americans to play super turbo sit and go’s. Especially those who were playing the super turbo’s at Doyles Room or Full Tilt Poker. When you sign up at Cake, be sure to use Cake Poker signup code SIGNUP600 in order to receive the 110% matching bonus up to $600 on your initial deposit.