***Full Tilt Poker is now offline. I have left this page up because most of the strategy articles on the site were written with Full Tilt Poker in mind. You should first understand this super turbo SNG structure in order to understand that changes that I suggest when playing at other online poker rooms. As an alternative to Full Tilt Poker super turbo sng’s I suggest you check out our Carbon Poker super turbo page.

Full Tilt Poker is the second biggest poker room online and the biggest room to offer super turbo sng’s. Full Tilt offers super turbo tournaments from $3.50 + $0.30 to $160 + $9. Every different buy-in will have games running, so it’s likely only a matter of time before Full Tilt adds even higher buy-in super turbo sit and go’s.

Full Tilt Poker Super Turbo SNG Structure

9-man tables
50% of prize pool to 1st place, 30% to 2nd place, 20% to 3rd place
30 chips and 15/30 blinds to start
3 minute blind levels

Tournaments last approximately 20 minutes

This structure is the one that all of the strategy and tips articles on SuperTurboSNG.com is based on. The structure makes the Full Tilt super turbo sit and go’s all about late game play and push/fold equity. You will have less than 10 times the big blind in chips for the majority of the tournament and this means that you will usually either be pushing or folding. Of course you can also throw in the odd minimum bet for value or as a cheap bluff, but we will get into that in the strategy articles.

Basically the key to succeeding in Full Tilt Poker super turbo sit and go’s is to push and fold more optimally than your opponents. A huge edge can be found in these games and even if you can only muster a small edge you can play enough tournaments to make that small edge turn into a huge profit. My current ROI at the Full Tilt super turbo’s is ~25%. You can check my stats at sharkscope – username: ‘superturbosng’.

Can the Full Tilt Poker Super Turbo SNG’s be Profitable?

Yes! As mentioned earlier these tournaments are not lotteries as many players believe. You can gain a huge edge by playing solid late game poker. This means by pushing and folding most optimally than your opponents you can build a solid edge. Even if you can just break even at these tournaments you can still make a decent profit by signing up for Full Tilt Poker rakeback and earning 27% back from your tournament fees. You will find the Full Tilt poker code you should use on our Full Tilt rakeback page, that includes the steps.