Getting Shutout (aka Getting Skunked) means getting no playable hands in a sng tourney and finding yourself getting blinded down. In super turbo sng’s this happens much more than in regular sit and go’s because you have far fewer hands to choose from before you find the blinds catching up to you.

What Causes Getting Shutout?

A combination of getting bad hands that you can’t play and other players moving in before you, which makes borderline hands that would have been playable, unplayable against a push.

How do you Avoid Getting Shutout?

You can’t really avoid getting shutout because you don’t know it’s going to happen until it does. For example, if you are ten hands into the tournament you could very easily wake up with (A,A) in the eleventh hand, but that is completely unknown. For this reason you shouldn’t change your strategy to avoid getting shutout. That being said, as your stack starts to shrink your range of playable hands should increase to counter your low stack.

When Should You Push with Hands that are Usually Deemed Unplayable?

If your stack starts to dwindle into nothingness you will pretty much have to start pushing with almost any two cards. Also, if you are the distant short stack when the table is 4-handed you need to get aggressive even with subpar hands. The other players at the table will likely be waiting for you to bust, so you will have to be the aggressor at this stage to stay in the game.

Getting shutout is a normal part of super turbo sit and go’s. When it happens you just have to deal with it and adjust your strategy accordingly. Loosen up your range if you haven’t been in a pot after about 12 hands or so and if your stack begins to dwindle near extinction you need to start pushing and get aggressive. The worst thing to do is allow yourself blind out of the tournament or cause yourself to have no fold equity on your next big blind.

The sit and go wizard is a great tool for calculating your fold equity and discovering at what point in a sit and go you should be calling with any two cards from the big blind.