The SNG Wizard is an automated ICM software that can teach you to play almost perfect late game push/fold strategy, which is perfect for super turbo sit and go’s. The SNG Wizard works by reading your hand histories and allowing you to analyze whether you made the right play in each situation. The Wizard calculates compares your overall tournament equity with a push vs a fold in each situation. This is exactly the information you need to improve your super turbo sng game.

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How it Works

In a nutshell the SNG Wizard compares the equity you would have with a push and the equity you would have with a fold for each hand in your history. You can adjust the percentage of hands you think your opponent would call you with and the Wizard will compare your cards with their range and tell you the optimal play in the situation.

Quiz Mode

SNG Wizard comes with a quiz mode where you can practice making tough in game push or fold decisions. SNG Wizard will tell you whether each decision you made was correct or incorrect and over time you will be able to model your game after the optimal strategy that SNG Wizard sets forth. There is even a Full Tilt super turbo sng mode that you can use to duplicate the Full Tilt super turbo’s.

Practice makes perfect in poker and SNG Wizard can make your super turbo and late game poker strategy as flawless as it can get. If you couple a strong hand reading ability with SNG Wizards equity calculator you will almost always make the right play in super turbo sit and go’s and see vast improvements in your ROI%.

There are many other options available with the Sit and Go Wizard software that we will not go into during this article. Just go to the Sit and Go Wizard website to read more about the product and find out if it’s right for you.