The question of if a poker player should specialize in a specific game is often asked and when it comes to super turbo sng’s I believe the answer is that players should. That is if they want to have as much success as they possibly can.

Super Turbo tournaments are so different from every other form of poker (cash games, multi-table tournaments, regular sit and go’s) that specializing and really diving head first into the world of super turbo strategy is the best way to find success. This article will take a look at some of the pros and cons of specializing in super turbo sit and go’s.

Is it better to be good at many games or great at one?

When it comes to the bottom line which is poker profits the obvious answer is to be great at one game. If you can master a $20 hourly rate playing any poker game under the sun or a $50 hourly rate just playing super turbo sit and go’s which method will make you richer?

It is difficult to move back and forth from one game to another because each form of poker requires its own unique strategy. When changing games it will always take a little while to get back into the frame of mind that you need to be successful at that particular game. However, if you never change games you are always in the right frame of mind and you are likely always winning.

In the past there used to not be enough poker players online to allow specialization, but times have changed. You can now play 8 super turbo sng’s at a time at Full Tilt without ever having trouble finding a new game.

Getting Burned Out

This is one of the drawbacks of specializing in poker. When you play the same game over and over you will find yourself getting tired of it and you will need a break. But the break doesn’t have to be a new form of poker that will likely lose you money at first and cause you to get out of your super turbo rhythm. Take a few days away from poker and just chill out with friends. After a few days you will likely be ready to hit the tables hard and make some more dough.

The Zone or Flow State

Being in the zone or in a flow state simply means that you are fully immersed in an activity, you are completely focused, you are fully involved and you are finding success. When you are in the zone you will be making all the right decisions and finding the most success you can in online poker. By specializing in a certain type of poker game you can achieve the flow state much easier because you fully immerse yourself in that game and focus completely on that strategy.

If you switch between games it becomes much harder to get in the zone because you need to figure out the optimal strategy and try to become fully involved in the new game. Flow state is really only achieved through game specialization. Even if you play a certain type of poker for a month at a time and then switch, it should only take a few days to achieve a flow state as long as you focus all of your energy on the game you are trying to master.


In conclusion I would say that specializing in super turbo tournaments would drastically improve your game and your bankroll. You can either be a jack of all trades or a master of one. I personally would much rather be a master of one.