In super turbo tournaments you want to stay anonymous. Don’t give players any reason to watch you and study your play. You just want your opponents to think you are another normal player who plays a ‘normal’ super turbo sng style.

Why do you want them to think you are playing normal? Because you’re not normal. You will be playing tighter in the early stages than most ‘normal’ super turbo players do and looser in the later stages than most ‘normal’ players do. ‘Normal’ players often don’t play using optimal strategy in super turbo sng’s. They are often sit and go players who try to adapt their sit and go knowledge to super turbo sng’s which will not work very well. They have never heard of SNG Wizard and think that if they find (A,J) when they have less than 10 big blinds they should push no matter what. In general ‘normal’ players are the ones that you win money off of. By having your opponents believe you are a normal player you increase your edge, but the minute they catch on to you this edge is gone.

Once your opponent realizes that you are not playing a ‘normal’ style they can use this knowledge against you because they will now know your pushing range, calling range, etc.
Ways to stay anonymous during the tourneys:

  • Don’t slow roll pocket aces or other nuts hands.
  • Don’t needle people, call people donkeys or fish, or whine after bad beats. Better yet just don’t use the chat box at all.
  • Change your avatar every few days.
  • Don’t use your entire clock every hand.
  • Basically, the moral of this article is keep a low profile. You will reap the rewards.