Many players think that super turbo sng’s are complete lotteries and all strategy goes out the window. This is completely false, but it is what you want your opponents to think. The more opponents out there who believe this, the bigger your edge will be at the tables.

Here are some strategy articles to help you improve your edge at the Super Turbo sit and go tables:

  • Basic Super Turbo SNG Tips – This article describes the basic strategy for super turbos. This is a great article for beginner players who just want to get an idea of how to improve their game.
  • Getting Shutout in Super Turbo’s – This article describes what to do when you get shutout in a super turbo sng. This means you aren’t getting any playable hands.
  • Heads Up Strategy – This article describes how you should play when you get to the heads up stage of a super turbo sng.
  • Position is Key in Super Turbo SNG’s – This article describes how to use your position to your advantage in a super turbo sng. Understanding position is extremely important when it comes to winning super turbo sng’s.
  • Specializing in Super Turbo SNG’s – This article tells you why it is advantageous to specialize in a particular type of game.
  • Stay Under the Rader – This article expalins why it is smart to stay anonymous in super turbo sit and go’s.