Titan Poker is the third biggest poker room online and the super turbo sit and go’s are constantly being filled. Titan’s super turbo sit and go’s are always running right up to $100 + $9 and they even offer super turbo sng’s up to $1000 + $60, but these tournaments rarely run. Titan Poker’s super turbo sng’s are very different from Full Tilt Poker’s version.

Titan Poker Super Turbo SNG Structure

6-man tables
70% of prize pool to 1st place, 30% of prize pool to 2nd place
1500 chips and 10/20 blinds to start
1 minute blind levels

Tournaments last approximately 10 minutes

This structure is very different form Full Tilt Poker’s super turbo sng structure. The tournaments are only 6-handed, which means that only 2 players get paid. Also, the first place finisher wins a huge portion of the prize pool (70%), which means you should basically always be playing for first place. The blinds increase too quickly for you to wait out the bubble.

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Another big difference is that in the Titan Poker super turbo sng’s you start with 75 times the big blind in chips. This means that the first 4 levels play like a normal tournament. I would suggest you play fairly tight during these levels unless you have a monster hand, so that you have enough chips to work with when the push/fold stage of the tournament begins.

The levels rise very quickly in the Titan Poker super turbo’s. They increase every minute and they jump very high. This is why the tournaments only last about 10 minutes, as compared to the 20 – 25 minutes the Doyles Room super turbo’s last for (even though they have a similar structure). These huge jumps means you will have to be pushing an extremely wide range of hands in a lot of different situations. There is very little play in the late stages of these Titan Poker super turbo sit and go’s because the blinds really take over.

Strategy Variations from Full Tilt Super Turbo Strategy

Play tight for the first four minutes, only getting involved with monster hands.
Play for first place. First place wins 70% of the prize pool and the structure doesn’t allow for you to wait for another player to bust.
Play extremely fast and aggressive in the late stages. The blinds go up three times as fast as at Full Tilt so this means you need to be pushing with almost everything.
Can the Titan Poker Super Turbo SNG’s be Profitable?

Slightly. The blinds go up so fast that there is very little play and the tournament basically does turn into a lottery, which is what strong super turbo sng players do not want. You will still be able to gain an edge over the players who start pushing with almost anything right from the first level, but the edge will be smaller than the one you would have at Doyles Room or Full Tilt Poker.

That being said, the tournaments at Titan Poker are over extremely quickly so even if you do have a small edge such as a 5% ROI or something, you can still make a solid hourly profit. Also, if you sign up to Titan Poker through our link you receive an instant $25 bonus added directly to your account on top of the 100% up to $500 normal Titan Poker bonus.

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